for FS@emeraldcity_banner_readyforschool-imageChoosing the right curriculum and the right school after Nursery is a very big decision. We are here to help with this journey and can provide you with a list of schools and different curriculums within the community plus information regarding this next big step in your child’s life.

At Emerald City Nursery the children will be ready for ‘big school’- in accordance with the British Curriculum (Early Years Foundation Stage), and learning and development are catered for across the seven areas of learning from birth to 60 months.

This means that children may remain within our Nurseries throughout their fourth year – children can join the Nursery when their age is less than four years on 31st August.Emerald-City-Nursery-Graduation-Getting-Ready-For-Life-Graduation

We believe that children need time to be children and we support their transition into the school through a balance of love in a familiar environment with new confidence building challenges. In this final year of Nursery, the pace quickens, as our upcoming graduates get ready for ‘big school,’ in an environment that supports this young age.

Emerald City Nursery Front Porch

Why Keep Your Child in Nursery For the Final Year?

Flexible Timings – Your child’s Nursery day can be until 6:00p.m.

Nursery Meals – Your child will continue to receive the healthy Nursery meals.

Teacher to Child Ratios – Your child will continue in an environment where the ratios are higher.

Social, Emotional and Physical Confidence – Holistically your child will be prepared for his or her specific ‘big school’ curriculum – The American Curriculum, The English National Curriculum, The Indian Curriculum, The Australian Curriculum, The French National Curriculum and The International Baccalaureate.

School Referral Letter – Your child will receive a letter of referral from the Nursery highlighting their readiness to be accepted into an equivalent age at ‘big school.’

Arabic Lessons – Your child will learn the basic Arabic language through the learning of the alphabet, numbers, songs and rhymes.

Extra Curricular Activities – Your child will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities including Kung-Fu, Ballet, and Music Performances.

Community Events and Trips – Your child will have the opportunity to participate in the various Nursery organised events and outings such as a trip to Adventure HQ at the Galleria Mall, The Dome Box at Box Park or Kidzania at Dubai Mall.

Graduation – Your child will graduate at the completion of their final year at the Nursery. The children eligible for attending the Graduation Ceremony are children who by their age are no longer eligible to remain within the Nursery for an additional year.