emeraldcity_banner_policiesconditions-imageNursery Registration Rules and Procedures are followed by the Directives of the Director of Child Department of the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Social Affairs.

* Please Note Registration, medical and term fees must be paid in full before the agreed joining date to secure your child’s place in the Nursery.

* Registration fee AED500.00 One time payment and fully non-refundable.

* Clinic fee AED500.00 is an annual fee and fully non-refundable.

* An Advance Term Fee of Dhs 2,000 confirms your child’s registration at the Nursery. This fee is adjusted against the Nursery Term Fee. This fee is refundable only if the Nursery receives a written notice two weeks before the Nursery Term Starting Date, (this fee does not include the Registration and Medical Fees). The advance Term Fee is fully non-refundable after two weeks prior to each Term starting date.

* No discount, refunds or reductions in the Nursery Term fees will for any reason be given after the commencement of the Term including if your child is absent or leaves the Nursery during a Nursery Term.

* If a child joins the Nursery during a term and his place has been held from the beginning of the Term then the full amount of the Term Fees must be paid.

* If a child joins the Nursery after the commencement of the Term and the place has not been held but a place becomes available then the Nursery will decide the Term Fee amount to be paid.

* * Nursery Closed Days: The Nursery will close for all Government Private and Public Holidays also Christmas Day (25th December) and Easter Sunday. (Christmas Day always falls during the Nursery Winter Term Break holidays and Easter Sunday mostly falls during the Nursery Spring Break holidays.)  If necessary for emergency maintenance the Nursery will also close for a few days during the Nursery Term Breaks. Parents will be notified in advance regarding which Term Break days the Nursery will be closed.

* The children attending three days must attend only on their Registered Days.

* The Nursery is fully covered by Public Liability Insurance.

*I have no objection to my Child’s photographs or videos being taken at the Nursery and allow the Nursery to use the images for Nursery purposes forms to be signed by parents upon registration of their child.

* Parent letters are written to inform you of any changes, updates & events, please always read these letters.

* I understand that my child’s Nursery registration and attendance at the Nursery is subject to re-evaluation by the Nursery if necessary.
The Nursery reserves the right to cancel a child’s registration should the Nursery decide for any reason the child is not suited to the Nursery environment or the parents are not accepting the Nursery rules and regulations as per the UAE Federal Law regarding Nurseries (administered by the Ministry of Social Affairs) forms to be signed by parents upon registration of their child.

* I waive all legal claims against the Nursery and agree to all of the above terms and conditions of the Nursery forms to be signed by parents upon registration of their child.

* All Nursery rules and regulations including the above information are fully listed and explained in the ‘Nursery Family Book of Great Information’ handed to each parent upon your child’s Nursery Registration.