emeraldcity_banner_parentinfo-imgeOur communication with parents is second to none! Each classroom emails regular letters to parents informing them of the classroom topic and activities that are coming up, then a diary with photos of the classroom highlights. We upload a folder of photos for each classroom onto our Parents Facebook page. Each child also has a portfolio of ‘Learning Stories’ this is a celebration of their days at Nursery, each story is special as it highlights a piece of learning that the child has achieved and then is documented with photos.

At Emerald City Nursery our families play a vital role in their child’s learning and development. Parents and caregivers have a wealth of valuable information and understandings regarding their children, and we recognise that they are their child’s first teacher. A two-way communication strengthens the partnership between the Nursery and families through the following means –

Diaries – We value the use of photography as a great tool for recording children’s play and learning. Each day photographs are taken in the classroom and also during outdoor play; these images highlight the children’s day and are gathered together forming a fortnightly diary which we love to share with our families. (NB fortnightly can at times be extended to three or more weeks depending upon holidays and other events.)

Not each child’s photograph will be printed in the Fortnightly Diaries. However, all children will have their photographs printed during each term.


Topic Letters – These letters are emailed to parents, outlining the next topic and activities that are planned within each classroom.

Individual Child Portfolios – Along with daily updates from the Nursery Managers and Supervisors, at the end of each Nursery term parents, will receive their children’s Nursery portfolio. These particular Emerald City Nursery folders contain ‘Learning Stories’ which we use as our physical form of early child-care assessment. Using photographic support we write stories to your children detailing their individual learning that he or she has achieved.

Parent Teacher Meetings – Twice a year teachers take the time to sit with parents during scheduled meetings to discuss the progress their child has made throughout the year. This formally strengthens the vital link between the home environment and the Nursery. We understand that the parents are a child’s first teacher and therefore believe this communication with parents is critical.

General Parent News Letters – Upcoming Nursery Events and relevant topics are communicated through our parent newsletters.

Health Related News Letters – These letters are emailed to parents on a regular basis with updates from media, Ministry of Social Affairs, Dubai Health Authority and Dubai’s Police Traffic Department identifying any current health and safety related issues and topics. We take the health, well-being and safety of children very seriously and we keep informed of all health related discussions of which we believe is our role in sharing with parents.

Facebook –
Emerald City Nursery has two Facebook Accounts, a public Fan Page and a Parents Members Only Group.

Emerald City Nursery Facebook Fan Page
We encourage parents to Like our Fan Page. This Fan Page has general information regarding our Nursery with useful content, links, blogs and promotions related to childcare.

Emerald City Nursery Facebook Parents Group
This group was created to protect the privacy of our children. Only parents and current Nursery staff can become members of this page. This group contains class photographs of the children for the parents to view, plus Nursery Information and reminders relevant only to parents and staff. Please ask the Nursery Director for more information regarding how to join Emerald City Nursery’s Parents Group.