emeraldcity_banner_ourteam-image27th November 2017

Dear Emerald City Nursery Friends, Contractors, Suppliers and Providers,

Notice For All Of Emerald City Nursery Closing on Thursday 14th December 2017

It is with the saddest regret we inform you that due to a change of Nursery Government rules which is – children under the age of six years must be on the ground level only.  These new regulations became known to us only recently at the time of the renewal of our Nursery License.

As it is not possible for the Nursery to continue without utilizing the first level, we have no choice but to cease Nursery operations as from Thursday 14th December 2017.
If convenient for Emerald City Nursery parent’s, we have spaces for their children to attend our other Nurseries which are also open throughout the three-week Winter Break – Sunday 17th December until Thursday 4th January 2017 

Yellow Brick Road Nursery, Al Garhoud
Crystal Valley Nursery, Al Mizher
Indigo Valley Nursery, Al Twar2.

If you would like your child or baby to attend either of our three Nurseries, then we would make all necessary arrangements for a seamless transfer.  Each of our other three Beautiful Minds Nurseries follow the same philosophy, teaching and learning styles as parents and all others are accustomed to at Emerald City Nursery.

We thank you in advance for your understanding of this situation and with full respect for the United Arab Emirates Governing Rules and Regulations, we continue to follow all that is required of us.
We are offering staff positions within our other Nurseries and currently transferring twenty staff to the three Beautiful Minds Nurseries.  We are supporting each of our Nursery team members in the most positive way possible.

Outside providers and all other concerned persons, for any enquiry, please directly contact me via email, thank you.

For each of our beautiful Emerald City Nursery babies and children, we wish you all the very best wishes that life can possibly bring.  From our hearts we thank you for your joy and inspirational wisdom, you are our teachers, we are just here to do what is right for you and to gently guide you towards a wonderful life, thank you and we love you.
For all our past Emerald City Nursery babies and children, we extend a grateful and loving thank you for spending your early years with us, we loved caring for you and we wish you a continued happy and joyful life.

Kind regards
Bernadette King-Turner
Managing Director

Emerald City Nursery Farewell to All

Emerald City Nursery Farewell to All


We are very proud of our multicultural team as this represents the United Arab Emirates and the richness of culture and community that surrounds us every day in Dubai. Above all else we love that all our staff are qualified with Bachelor of Education, or Cache Level 3 Early Years Diplomas and so all practices are informed and correct according to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) British Curriculum.

Ms Elizabeth – Nursery ManagerEmerald-City-Nursery-Elizabeth-and-Skye

“I believe we have the best job in the world! Helping children to develop into curious little learners who explore and question absolutely everything… it’s so rewarding.”

Ms Elizabeth is from the United Kingdom and holds a Higher National Certificate in Early Childhood and Education in which she received a merit for Child Protection. Elizabeth has been working with children under the age of five for the past seventeen years. In 2006 she moved from Scotland to Dubai and began working as a teacher at Emerald City Nursery. Three years later Elizabeth took on the role of Nursery Manager.

Ms Sharon – Nursery DirectorEmerald-City-Nursery-Sharon-Safie-Jett

Staff Professional Development Coordinator for the Beautiful Minds Nurseries

“Wherever possible I believe in a natural, holistic and an ‘organic’ childhood, where a child’s self-confidence and strength and interests are supported through learning.”

Ms Sharon is from New Zealand and has 15 years of experience in early childhood education, both teaching and in management. She has a Bachelor of Education specialising in the Early Years. Joining Emerald City Nursery in 2006 as Nursery Director she now supports with providing professional development and staff training for all members of staff in the Beautiful Minds Nurseries. Sharon is dedicated to empowering teachers to reach their full potential allowing the Nurseries to deliver the highest quality education to young children.

Ms Bernadette – Founder and Managing Director of Emerald City Nursery and Beautiful Minds NurseriesEmerald-City-Nursery-Bernadette-Elizabeth-and-children
Ms Bernadette is also from New Zealand, an ex Registered Nurse (specialised in Paediatric Oncology for 15years).  We are always grateful to Ms. Bernadette’s full-time commitment and support to her Nursery as she is indeed an owner who is ‘everyday hands-on ‘ and deeply cares about her Nursery staff, children and the families.  We love how she lets us be the ‘free thinkers’ so we can always come up with the ‘out-of-the-box’ Nursery programme ideas.