emeraldcity_banner_menu-imageIn our beautiful ‘Victorian’ style dining room children come together and enjoy the social experience of a meal time. Independence is promoted and children can serve their own meals, they can pour their own glass of water, help themselves to teaspoons from the ‘crystal bowl,’ use the rose water sprinkler to freshen their hands and can wash their hands and face with a lemongrass scented flannel. We have paid attention to every detail in the dining room, in an effort to turn this ‘routine’ into a ‘ritual.’

Meal times are very special, social experiences for the children and it is during the meal times that the children will learn many excellent behavioural qualities of life, such as sharing, patience, politeness, understanding and acceptance of others. Plus of course, appropriate dining etiquette for their age groups.

The Start of the New Day – Breakfast

We understand it is often very difficult for children to rush through breakfast at home before arriving at the nursery, therefore, a healthy breakfast is offered to all the children in the dining room. This special breakfast time will allow your children to relax, enjoy breakfast and spend time interacting with the other children before starting their Nursery day.

The ‘Hungry’ Time of the Day – Lunchtime

Lunch times are between the hours of 11:30am and 12:30pm.

Emerald City Nursery offers a freshly prepared hot cooked lunch for all the children. The menu is available upon request at the reception desk. Our lunch menu has a two-week set menu and your children receive a highly nutritious and balanced diet. Due to the possibility of allergic reactions – fish, eggs and all nuts are always excluded from our Nursery menu.

Special Diets If your child suffers from any food allergies or has any special dietary requirement it is of utmost importance that you state this in his/her registration form as well as informing the classroom teacher.

Mini Meals – Please provide a healthy afternoon ‘mini meal’ for your children, as they will eat again at around 2:00p.m (if your child is registered for extended hours an additional  ‘mini meal’ must be provided for 4:00 pm).

Healthy Nutrition – We encourage only healthy diets for the children, therefore, we advise parents to provide only good quality, low sugar-content snack foods. Nuts of any sort are not allowed in the Nursery due to the possibility of allergic reactions and choking.

Due to the extremely high trans fat content plus the dangers of consuming acrylamide we advise parents not to bring potato crisps into the Nursery, plus no carbonated drinks.

Fruits, cut vegetables, crackers with cheese, yoghurt pots, and wholemeal small sandwiches are all healthy examples of snacks you can provide.

Birthday Celebrations – Throughout the year we celebrate lots of boys and girls birthdays. Please refer to our Birthday Policy available at the Nursery Reception.