Eco Solutions

It’s time to ditch the disposable plastics and ‘Focus On Solutions’

We are just not going to do it anymore – no more using ‘quick-fix’ single-use plastic.
We are now making conscious efforts to make our Beautiful Minds Nurseries “throw-away” plastic free!
Parents and all in our community please help us to make this happen,
please help us to turn back the time on the health of our planet and make it healthy again,
make our planet healthy for all children, their grandchildren and all the animals – great and small.

Our campaign starts Tuesday 14th February – Valentines Day – the day Yellow Brick Road Nursery each year celebrates Pet Day.


We are ALL ABOUT reducing our carbon footprint and being eco-friendly!  Read our 14 steps that we implement in the nursery and maybe they will give you ideas for your home.  Go GREEN!!!

  1. Think Before Printing – we do – do you? Save ink, save paper, save trees!
  2. Only Organic & Biodegradable Cleaning Products in our house.
  3. Give AC’s a break!! Switch OFF when not needed.
  4. The lights go OUT when we leave the room.
  5. Join our Parent Garden Committee & grow organic veggies! We love the dedication & sense of community.
  6. Composting brings life to our organic veggie garden. Bokashi – Keeping Nature Alive – Only natural compost for us!  = zero waste.
  7. Have you seen our recycle centre?  We recycle everything!  Zero waste is always our goal.
  8. We are the masters of upcycling. Have a handbag, a hat, a pair of heels, an old dress or unused dad’s jacket??  Your unwanted is our hunted treasure.
  9. Natural resources – open-ended child-friendly learning experiences – we keep plastic fantastic to an absolute minimum.
  10. Reduce plastic bags!! Waterproof fabric works best for our take-back-home wet clothes.
  11. Thirsty for Something better? We use Liquid of Life sustainable water system! No plastic bottles in our house!
  12. Tyres for swings & wooden pellets for… Tyres & pellets for everything!! Super versatile!
  13. You won’t find palm oil on our kitchen shelves… we don’t go near it.  Read why right here.
  14. Water consumption is constantly on our minds. How do you kerb water consumption in your home?

If you have any more ideas, please share… we’d LOVE to hear them!
Homemade is always preferred over the bought stuff.
Metal, wood and jute rather than plastic – where there’s a will – there’s a way, and at Yellow Brick Road Nursery, we are seriously serious about doing all that is right for our beautiful planet earth.