Crystal Valley Nursery

About Crystal Valley Nursery
A very warm welcome to the Crystal Valley Nursery, we hope that you enjoy reading through our philosophy and Nursery policies.
Crystal Valley Nursery is one of our four Dubai children’s nurseries part of the Beautiful Minds Nurseries.   Conveniently located in Al Mizher 1 at Arabian Center, close to Mirdif, Dubai.
At Crystal Valley Nursery, we are passionate about providing children with the best possible care and education; each day with professional love and dedication we practice our beliefs of valued early years devotion.

We Believe:
First and foremost we believe that children begin their own learning journeys from their first day in this world and that is why it is important for your children to attend a Nursery practising daily professional quality early years education to support a strong foundation for your children’s future years of development and understanding.
We know that learning must be ‘meaningful’ for a child and so our planning and play experiences are explored through the children’s ‘hands on’ approach.
We believe all children are intrinsically motivated to learn and that it is our role as teachers to facilitate and create an environment which supports a child’s passion and excitement for learning. Please see Nursery Facilities for more information.
We value on-going professional development and see it as our role to stay up to date with the latest and current trends in early child care and education.
We appreciate regular and collaborative communication with our parents, which we like to refer as our ‘Partnership with Parents.’
We value our role within society in increasing knowledge and understanding for particular charities and community awareness programmes, please see our ‘Corporate Social Responsibility,’ on how we implement this.
We integrate, and incorporate a variety of planning and assessment strategies, and understand that this is a vital process in extending the child’s learning and the potential for development.
We pride ourselves in providing a range of activities that emphasises a balance of planned and child initiated learning experiences that supports a child’s holistic development. Please see ‘ Activities‘ to receive further information of our extracurricular activities.
Our Nurseries are multicultural, and we are sure to celebrate this in every way possible, we love the fact that we have up to 80 nationalities in our Nursery as this allows us to acknowledge, respect and celebrate with many cultures from around the world.
We would love for you to visit Crystal Valley Nursery, as we are proud of our colourful and lively learning environment. Please take the time to come and see us and be sure to bring your children along for an Introduction to Crystal Valley Nursery.

Our other Beautiful Minds Nurseries in Dubai are:
Yellow Brick Road Nursery, located in Al Garhoud, opposite the Aviation Club
Emerald City Nursery, located in Jumeirah 2
Indigo Valley Nursery, located AlTwar 2 near Terminal 2 and the Airport Free Zone, this Nursery also has a Preschool ‘Learning Support Unit’ for children requiring extra learning assistance (Autism, ADHD)