Every Day is a School Day – Even for Teachers

Beautiful Minds Nurseries is always a few steps ahead of the game when it comes to teaching practice and pedagogy.  How so… you ask?  Our nurseries achieve this high quality first and foremost by a complete team of qualified teachers and continuous professional development.  Research is constantly developing and new findings are made daily.  Our passionate teachers have an innate professional drive to continue learning.  Together we seek new knowledge and drive quality standards forward.

We receive Professional Development through a variety of means – ‘in-house;’ Early Years Educational Services (EYES); August Staff Professional Development Week; World Forum on Early Care and Education; Preschool Learning Alliance Accreditation.

Everyone is an expert!

Our team of ‘beautiful minds’ teachers and supervisors are an inspiration to work with.  Everyone brings their experience and ideas ‘to the table’ which is how we continue defining what quality practice means to us.  Team workshops are a great way to redefine our approach to learning stories, or learn about children and schema development, or to discuss methods of mentoring.


Early Years Educational Services

Early Years Educational Services are a fantastic professional development provider who we have a long standing relationship with.  They offer the highest standard professional development through workshops, conferences, nursery leadership discussions and early year’s qualifications.  They are as passionate about early childhood education as we are and we love them for this.

Moira and Charlotte

August Staff Professional Development Week

Our annual SPD is a guaranteed blast every year!  Our nurseries close for children so that we can come together… the force of our four Beautiful Minds Nurseries together is awe-inspiring!  This week connects and unites us in vision and passion.  It has all staff leaping forward into the next academic year with excitement.  With presenters from abroad, locally and from within our own team, this week is packed with knowledge.


Preschool Learning Alliance Accreditation (PLA)

We are accredited with the PLA from the United Kingdom and this was a two-year process of continual professional development.  We passed with flying colours and received a special visit from the PLA CEO Neil Leitch and Policy and Standards Manager Melanie Pilcher.  Being singled out for our commitment to high-quality practice was an honour and we are very proud of this recognition.

Emerald City Nursery Managers Elizabeth & Sharon with UK Preschool Learning Alliance Accreditation (PLA) CEO Neil Leitch & Policy and Standards Manager Melanie Pilcher at Emerald City Nursery, Dubai. (Beautiful Minds Nurseries.)

Emerald City Nursery Managers Elizabeth & Sharon with UK Preschool Learning Alliance Accreditation (PLA)
CEO Neil Leitch & Policy and Standards Manager Melanie Pilcher at Emerald City Nursery, Dubai.   Beautiful Minds Nurseries.

World Forum on Early Care and Education

Our two visits to the World Forum have been significant in influencing our practice from a global perspective.  These three yearly conferences enable us to meet experts from all around the world, facilitating the discussion and debate of pressing topics that influence child development. Together we LEARN and advocate and push for what is the right choice in young children’s lives.  Some of our favourite ‘take-aways’ (including our very special International Retro Dance Event) from this year’s conference in Auckland, New Zealand were –


Bernadette & Sharon with Nancy & John Rosenow.

Bernadette & Sharon with Nancy & John Rosenow.


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) –

A couple of fabulous workshops gave us some innovative ideas about how this area of learning can be incorporated into early childhood education.  We can’t wait to share more with you about this topic in the coming academic year.

Nature-based pedagogy –

is fast becoming one of the hottest topics in early education and we believe rightly so!  Ms. Bernadette and I proudly represented the UAE alongside speakers from Australia, Scotland, Canada and The United States.  Together we each shared our perspectives providing global insights into how curriculum combined with nature becomes a powerful tool for learning.  “Nature is often overlooked as a healing balm for the emotional hardships in a child’s life.” – Richard Louv, Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder. (This is a great book if you fancy some more reading on this subject.)

Bernadette KingTurner & Roger Neugebauer President of World Forum Foundation

Bernadette King-Turner, Founder Beautiful Minds Nurseries, Dubai & Roger Neugebauer President of World Forum Foundation

Children’s Rights –

  • Images of Rights: Children’s Perspectives Project seeks to better understand how children and their caregivers envision and live their rights by focusing on how children express their realities through their artwork. They point out that if we do not protect children’s rights we risk adverse later in life health outcomes.  This is a project that we will endeavour to participate in from September onwards.  For more information please follow this link.
  • Voices of Children: This is a second research project that has inspired us to explore the voices of children through technology.  This idea is perfect for our older classrooms and we have some unique ideas of how we can capture children’s voices in the next year.  For more information please follow this link.



To recap!  Professional development is critical to our practice and pedagogy.  It is just one of the reasons that we are able to provide young children with an early year’s education of the highest standard.  Our children deserve the best start! As we know, particularly with regards to brain development, birth to three is the most important years in a child’s life… and that is a FACT!

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