27th November 2017

Dear Emerald City Nursery Friends, Contractors, Suppliers and Providers,

Notice For All Of Emerald City Nursery Closing on Thursday 14th December 2017

It is with the saddest regret we inform you that due to a change of Nursery Government rules which is – children under the age of six years must be on the ground level only.  These new regulations became known to us only recently at the time of the renewal of our Nursery License.

As it is not possible for the Nursery to continue without utilizing the first level, we have no choice but to cease Nursery operations as from Thursday 14th December 2017.
If convenient for Emerald City Nursery parent’s, we have spaces for their children to attend our other Nurseries which are also open throughout the three-week Winter Break – Sunday 17th December until Thursday 4th January 2017 

Yellow Brick Road Nursery, Al Garhoud
Crystal Valley Nursery, Al Mizher
Indigo Valley Nursery, Al Twar2.

If you would like your child or baby to attend either of our three Nurseries, then we would make all necessary arrangements for a seamless transfer.  Each of our other three Beautiful Minds Nurseries follow the same philosophy, teaching and learning styles as parents and all others are accustomed to at Emerald City Nursery.

We thank you in advance for your understanding of this situation and with full respect for the United Arab Emirates Governing Rules and Regulations, we continue to follow all that is required of us.
We are offering staff positions within our other Nurseries and currently transferring twenty staff to the three Beautiful Minds Nurseries.  We are supporting each of our Nursery team members in the most positive way possible.

Outside providers and all other concerned persons, for any enquiry, please directly contact me via email, thank you.

For each of our beautiful Emerald City Nursery babies and children, we wish you all the very best wishes that life can possibly bring.  From our hearts we thank you for your joy and inspirational wisdom, you are our teachers, we are just here to do what is right for you and to gently guide you towards a wonderful life, thank you and we love you.
For all our past Emerald City Nursery babies and children, we extend a grateful and loving thank you for spending your early years with us, we loved caring for you and we wish you a continued happy and joyful life.

Kind regards
Bernadette King-Turner
Managing Director

Emerald City Nursery Farewell to All

Emerald City Nursery Farewell to All

To register your child at Emerald City Nursery it is essential that the following admission documents are completed, thank you.Emerald-City-Nursery-Baby-Play

Completed Registration Forms – available at the Nursery reception.

  1. Completed Registration Forms including signed terms & conditions form.
  2. Photocopy of child’s Passport including UAE Residence Visa page.
  3. Photocopy of child’s Sponsor’s passport including UAE Visa page.
  4. Photocopy of child’s Parent’s UAE ID card.
  5. Photocopy of child’s Birth Certificate.
  6. Photocopy of child’s UAE National ID card.
  7. Six passport size photographs.
  8. Copy of child’s Immunization Records.
  9. Completed child Medical History form.
  10. Registration fee of AED500.00 (Five Hundred Dirhams) – this fee is a non-refundable one-time payment
  11. Nursery Clinic fee of AED500.00 (Five Hundred Dirhams) – this fee is non-refundable and is an annual AED500.00 payment.Emerald-City-Nursery-Serious-Work
  12. Completed Emergency Contact Information and Pick up/Authorization form.

Please note, to secure your child’s space in the Nursery the term fees must be paid in full before the agreed starting date.
An advance admission fee payment of AED3,000 is payable upon registration which will secure your child’s space at the Nursery and is adjusted against the Nursery Term Fee.
All children’s registrations are subject to re-evaluation if necessary.
Starting ages for babies accepted at the Nursery are from 45 days and children can remain at the Nursery until their fifth birthday.










Admission requirements


 لتسجيل طفلك في حضانة ايمارلد سيتي الرجاء توفير الوثائق التالية :

 إكمال استمارات التسجيل (يرجى أخذها من مكتب الإستقبال)

  • صورة من جواز سفر الطفل بما في ذلك تأشيرة الإقامة في الإمارات العربية المتحدة
  • صورة من جواز سفر ولي أمر الطفل بما في ذلك تأشيرة الإقامة في الإمارات العربية المتحدة
  • صورة من شهادة ميلاد الطفل
  • 6 صور شخصية بمقاس صورة جواز السفر
  • إكمال نموذج الفحص الطبي ( التاريخ المرضي للطفل) نرجو إكمالها في منطقة الإستقبال بالحضانة
  • نسخة من دفتر التطعيم
  • رسوم التسجيل 500.00 درهم (خمسمائة درهم ) – غير قابلة للإسترداد
  • رسوم العيادة 500.00 درهم (خمسمائة درهم ) – غير قابلة للإسترداد

 الرجاء العلم بأن رسوم الفصل يجب ان تدفع كاملة قبل تاريخ بدء الفصل الدراسي الأول لتأمين مكان لطفلك في الحضانة.

يتم إيداع مبلغ وقدره 2,000 درهم لضمان مكان لطفلك في الحضانة ومع ذلك تسجيل جميع الأطفال تخضع لإعادة تقييم إذا لزم الامر.

نستقبل الأطفال الرضع من عمر شهرين والأطفال يمكنهم أن يبقوا فى الحضانة حتى بلوغهم الأربع سنوات ونصف .