27th November 2017

Dear Emerald City Nursery Friends, Contractors, Suppliers and Providers,

Notice For All Of Emerald City Nursery Closing on Thursday 14th December 2017

It is with the saddest regret we inform you that due to a change of Nursery Government rules which is – children under the age of six years must be on the ground level only.  These new regulations became known to us only recently at the time of the renewal of our Nursery License.

As it is not possible for the Nursery to continue without utilizing the first level, we have no choice but to cease Nursery operations as from Thursday 14th December 2017.
If convenient for Emerald City Nursery parent’s, we have spaces for their children to attend our other Nurseries which are also open throughout the three-week Winter Break – Sunday 17th December until Thursday 4th January 2017 

Yellow Brick Road Nursery, Al Garhoud
Crystal Valley Nursery, Al Mizher
Indigo Valley Nursery, Al Twar2.

If you would like your child or baby to attend either of our three Nurseries, then we would make all necessary arrangements for a seamless transfer.  Each of our other three Beautiful Minds Nurseries follow the same philosophy, teaching and learning styles as parents and all others are accustomed to at Emerald City Nursery.

We thank you in advance for your understanding of this situation and with full respect for the United Arab Emirates Governing Rules and Regulations, we continue to follow all that is required of us.
We are offering staff positions within our other Nurseries and currently transferring twenty staff to the three Beautiful Minds Nurseries.  We are supporting each of our Nursery team members in the most positive way possible.

Outside providers and all other concerned persons, for any enquiry, please directly contact me via email, thank you.

For each of our beautiful Emerald City Nursery babies and children, we wish you all the very best wishes that life can possibly bring.  From our hearts we thank you for your joy and inspirational wisdom, you are our teachers, we are just here to do what is right for you and to gently guide you towards a wonderful life, thank you and we love you.
For all our past Emerald City Nursery babies and children, we extend a grateful and loving thank you for spending your early years with us, we loved caring for you and we wish you a continued happy and joyful life.

Kind regards

Bernadette King-Turner
Managing Dir­ector

Emerald City Nursery Farewell to All

Emerald City Nursery Farewell to All

Our eco-friendly & organic Emerald City Nursery is a hidden gem in Jumeirah and a home away from home. Come and find us, across Al Wasl road from Box Park and you will discover a gentle, loving, nurturing and unhurried environment, the perfect place where your baby and young child can begin their early childhood education from the age of 45 days to 4+ years. Our Nursery hours are from 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. so conveniently choose which starting and finishing time suits you best.

The Nursery Director Ms Sharon, (New Zealand), Nursery Manager Ms Elizabeth (Scotland) and all staff are qualified in Early Childhood Education with years of experience, and so all practices are informed, with a child’s development at the centre of our curriculum. Above all else this means that we are passionate about extending every teaching and learning moment, connecting with your child and developing respectful care.Emerald-City-Nursery-Building-The-Fairy-Garden

Our vision is to support an ‘organic’ childhood. We celebrate learning through investigation, playfulness and risk-taking, while at the same time we practice peaceful observation. Most of all we just love to be outdoors, and as often as we can, we spend hours in our veggie garden, connecting with nature and understanding life.  All teaching practices are underpinned by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), British Curriculum and we are accredited by the Preschool Learning Alliance.

We also understand the principles of providing a free-range early childhood for our children, copied below for your reference is some interesting information from our friend John Rosenow (and we are always happy to further discuss.


Rusty Keeler writes on “Creating Planet Earth: As adults we may think of lofty places of great natural importance, and yet the most important place on the planet for young children is…your back yard.

John Rosenow writes  “as children we led “free-range” childhoods.  We spent hours and hours of unstructured time outdoors, connected with nature…  As a result we developed an emotional connection with the natural world which led us to care about the environment as adults…   Today, outdoor experiencs for countless children are confined to asphalt playgrounds suurrounded by chain-link fences…

In response to this disconnection, many organizations have developed educational programs which teach children about environmental issues such as deforestation or global warming.  However, these efforts are often ineffective or even counter-productive if they do not foster an early emotional attachment with nature in children.  In short, we need to help children learn to love the earth before we ask them to save it…

Nancy Rosenow and Susan Wirth write on “Outdoor Spaces”:   A few generations ago, it wasn’t necessary to design those kind of spaces.  Most children lived close to fields or forests they could explore at their leisure….  The bells and whistles of technology keep children indoors staring at screens.  Even when they do go outdoors in centers or schools, children play on sterile “safety” surfacing and plastic structures.  In our well-meaning attempts to keep children from harm, we have removed much of what could bring them joy…


Teaching is what empowers us; it is in our hearts and without a doubt, Emerald City Nursery is the greatest start for life.

Come and meet Ms Elizabeth and Ms Sharon to discover more about our values, ethos and practices.

Ask about our learning stories and individual children’s portfolios which we are very proud of.   Our doors are always open!




About Us

حضانة إميرالد سيتي جوهرة مخفية في منطقة الجميرا وهي بمثابة المنزل الثاني لأطفالكم. يمكنكم الوصول إليها عبر شارع الوصل مرورا” ببوكس بارك وعند قدومكم سوف تكتشفون بيئة رائعة ورقيقة وحاضنة مليئة بالحب والمودة ، المكان المثالي لأطفالكم بأن يبدأوا التعلم في مرحلة الطفولة المبكرة من سن 45 يوم ولغاية 3 (الثلاث سنوات). نفتح أبواب الحضانة من الساعة 7:00 صباحا” حتى الساعة 06:00 مساء”. فبالطبع يمكنكم إختيار الوقت الذي يناسبكم.

مديرة الإدارة السيدة شارون، (نيوزيلندا)، ومديرة الحضانة السيدة اليزابيث (اسكتلندا) وجميع الموظفات يتمتعن بسنوات طويلة من الخبرة في التربية والتعليم ، ونقوم بإبلاغكم بأدق التفاصيل التي تتعلق بطفلكم من ناحية تطوره ونموه من خلال تطبيق منهجنا الدراسي الذي نعتمده بكل مهنية وشفافية ومحبة وإحترام ورعاية لكل طفل.

رؤيتنا أساسها دعم طفولة “صحية”. نشجع على التعلم من خلال التحقيق، اللعب والمخاطرة، وفي الوقت نفسه نراقب أطفالنا ونحرص على أن يلعبوا بطريقة سليمة وسلمية. الأهم من ذلك كله أننا نحب أن نتواجد في الهواء الطلق بقدر ما نستطيع وقضاء ساعات في حديقة الخضروات لدينا، والتواصل مع الطبيعة وفهم الحياة. ونعزز كل الممارسات التعليمية من  خلال إعتمادنا للمنهج البريطاني (السنوات الأولى من المرحلة التأسيسية) كما أننا معتمدون من قبل تحالف التعلم لمرحلة ما قبل المدرسة.

في حضانة إميرالد سيتي التعليم في قلوبنا ومن خلاله نحن مخولين لتقديم أفضل وأروع بداية للحياة لأطفالكم. تعالوا وتعرفوا إلى السيدة إليزابيث للإستعلام عن قيمنا، مبادئنا وروحنا وممارساتنا. أطلبوا تصفح قصص التعلم”  “والمجلدات” الفردية الخاصة بأطفالنا فأبوابنا دائما مفتوحة!