About Bernadette King-Turner

Ms Bernadette King-Turner Owner and Founder of Beautiful Minds Nurseries –

New Zealand Registered General and Obstetrics Nurse specialized for 15 years in Paediatric Oncology in New Zealand, Australia and Saudi Arabia, her love for caring for children is endless. Ms. Bernadette’s philosophy has a unique approach to education and caring for young children. Her Nursery staff is dedicated to creating a genuine love for learning within each child. Ms. Bernadette has a great inner belief in the power of every child and each day strives to allow your children to realize their own inner strengths and life-given


Her message –

“The human factor” – three little words many have heard me say probably dozens of times over – no matter what we do on this planet we must always consider the importance of the human factor and especially so with child care. Always the minutest detail is taken into consideration from the microbiology cellular level to what we physically see and experience within each day – the baby and child is always our top priority and concern – in this beautiful profession our ‘personal egos’ must always take the ‘back stage!

Life is always a two-way street, we need each other as much as we need air to breath, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is one I learnt at high school and later I studied further and still today I find it is one of the best guidelines to follow for ensuring each child is cared for to our maximum potential; not just our Nursery children entrusted in our care but also as many other children we can help to realize their life’s dreams and potentials, so they too can enjoy the treasures life has to offer.

I read a poem once – “two paths destined to cross – their destinies intertwined and their love will last a lifetime…”

The greater part of our destinies is of our own making – what we do, what we say but mostly what we think – these determine to a large extent who and what we are and the paths that life takes us along.


Our Nursery ‘Pathway’ (and a little bit of history!) –

My narration for deciding the name Yellow Brick Road Nursery was actually during one afternoon event, that day I sat at my computer around 12:30 and by 3:30p.m. the name was chosen, the idea of the pathway design was completed; the logo ‘hand in hand & step by step’ along with the little centerpiece clipart was on my screen.

I believe the reason why my choice of name and logo took such a short time to decide upon was because the thoughts and imagery in my mind was all about the ‘path way’; my intention was for a name to symbolize children beginning their journey through life – along a beautiful, meandering, gentle and unhurried pathway – hence the Yellow Brick Road Nursery.

Along that pathway – ‘In the child’s time’ is particularly significant – we believe a tenderly guided approach to early childhood supports the children’s learning and understanding of life.


In the child’s time

Not yours and not mine

Our reasons for being are unknown

But our reality of being is everyday shown

Children are to be led and never pressed

Their view of the world is for them to profess.

Our duty is to honor and guide

And the right way is to allow only good to preside.

We enjoy and respect each and every moment

Of all the wonders we witness within the child’s time.

‘In The Child’s Time’

Written by Ms. Bernadette, Wednesday 5th August 2011